Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Hobbs' House: How Repairing a Citizen's Home Became More than Nails and Paint

In March, I wrote a blog called Building Relationships in the Community through Building Trades which highlighted the work of our students who were helping to rehabilitate a senior citizens home.  The journey that began in early 2019 came to a close over the summer.  The students completed work on Mrs. Hobbs' house, leaving her with a much nicer and safer structure for her to continue living in.
As much as this project was about providing our students with authentic experiences, it was about learning the importance of giving back to our community.  However, I was overwhelmed at the bond that formed between the students and Mrs. Hobbs.  They became her boys and she was like an adopted grandmother to them.

We have created a beautiful documentary that captures the story of the "Hobbs House", as we affectionately call it.  But this became more than a story about a house.  It's a story of building relationships and showing kindness to one another.  I am very proud of the students who worked on Mrs. Hobbs' house and hope you enjoy watching their journey.