Sunday, October 20, 2019

Learning More about eSports and the New Team at SHS

The Virginia High School League (VHSL), the group that oversees public school sports, approved a one-year pilot program for esports at its May 2019 meeting.  Esports competitions have grown in recent years and many high school students are engaging in cooperative, collaborative, and competitive activities on their own.

Smithfield High School (SHS) is piloting an eSports team and the program has already generated a lot of interest from students.  Last week, the coach for the SHS team, Chris Borum, was invited on to the WTKR News Channel 3 Coast Live show, along with a VHSL representative, and talked to host Cheryl Nelson about the new program.

As you hear Mr. Borum talk about eSports, you will realize that it isn't about students sitting around playing video games.  The division's mission is to help all students discover their unique gifts and talents.   With more colleges organizing eSports teams, and offering scholarships to students to come play for them, it is another opportunity I'm glad we can provide our students.

Watch the segment below to learn more about eSports from the SHS coach, Chris Borum, and Darrell Wilson from the VHSL.

Bringing Varsity eSports to Virginia High Schools (link to video)