Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Carrollton Elementary Creates an "ARC" Between Expos and Reading

The month of April kicks off a flurry of school expos.  Between April 1 and June 15, IWCS will host 10 different events!  This is on top of the fall and winter expos already held at every school throughout the division.  

Before Spring Break, Windsor Elementary, Carrsville Elementary and Carrollton Elementary displayed student projects of deeper learning during their expo nights.  Next week, Windsor High and Smithfield High will hold their second semester exhibitions.  

Carrollton Elementary has organized their expos to showcase what the students are doing with the new reading program (ARC).  In the fall, students presented books they had written about a hero in their life.  As part of the planning process, students heard from professionals on best practices for conducting interviews.  They created multiple drafts of their story and presented their final book to the community, as well as the hero they highlighted.  For the next event, students became meteorologists and shared their knowledge of weather—causes, types, effects, and even how to predict weather..  To prepare, Carrollton invited a local weatherman to visit and talk to the students about their duties and responsibilities.   What a great opportunity for students to learn from experts.
The last expo, held earlier this month, was presented by 1st graders as they shared their research on animals.  The event, Animals Alive!, allowed students to focus on one animal and become their own expert on that animal.  They collected information that they used to author their own books.  The resource classes at Carrollton supported the project through their areas of expertise.  For example, the art teacher assisted the students with their illustrations, while the STEM teacher helped create puppets of their animal, complete with lights for eyes.  The students did a wonderful job with their books, but the best part was talking to the students about their work.  They truly do become experts on their topic and are eager to share what they’ve learned with their guests.  The students, even the first graders, are extremely comfortable speaking to adults.

The Carrollton Elementary Expo of Deeper Learning was an outstanding showcase of student projects, incorporating Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Citizenship.  A big congratulations to the staff and students at Carrollton Elementary School for embracing deeper learning and hosting three incredible student expos this school year.

Here are some photos from their Animals Alive! Expo.
student with their book on tigers

student with their book on eaglesanimal robot
four students display their books on elephantsstudent presenter
student presenters speaking to parents