Saturday, May 19, 2018

Showcasing Our Schools: Student Voice and Choice at Smithfield Middle School

Since March, I've been highlighting a different school each week in my blog, and this week's school is Smithfield Middle.  I had a chance to visit SMS before their big spring expo and heard from the students about what makes SMS so special.  One recurring theme was student voice and choice.  The students appreciated the freedom to make decisions about their learning. It was really special to hear the passion they had for their school, their teachers, and their education. See for yourself in the video below. 

Smithfield Middle School:  Student Voice and Choice (video)

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Showcasing Our Schools: Packer Pride on Display at Smithfield High

A few weeks ago I started a series of blogs where I highlight one of our schools each week.  So far, I've featured Carrsville Elementary, Georgie Tyler Middle, Windsor Elementary, Windsor High, Carrollton Elementary and Hardy Elementary.  This week the focus is on Smithfield High School. When I visited SHS recently, I asked students and staff to explain what makes Smithfield High a great place to be.  I heard many different answers, but all of them help to form the culture at SHS of Packer Pride.  There are many amazing things taking place at Smithfield High.  Watch the video below to see and hear for yourself. 

Smithfield High School (video)

Friday, May 4, 2018

Showcasing Our Schools: Caring for Others at Carrollton Elementary

Carrollton Elementary is a happening place.  The day I visited CAES was the morning after one of their expos.  Students and teachers have done an outstanding job showcasing their learning process.  They have also focused on Empathy this year and discovered the importance of caring about others. Students even raised money during the expos and donated the funds to several local charities.  I hope you enjoy the video below as you hear from the principal, Mr. Brennan, teachers and students on why Carrollton Elementary is such a special place.

A Look at Carrollton Elementary School (video)

Friday, April 27, 2018

Showcasing Our Schools: The Windsor Way at Windsor High

I've been highlighting a school each week in my blog, and this week it is Windsor High's turn.  On my recent visit to WHS, I spoke to teachers, students and administrators and heard about the Windsor Way. What is the Windsor Way?  See for yourself by watching the video below.  Go Dukes!

The Windsor Way  (video)

Friday, April 20, 2018

Showcasing Our Schools: GREAT Students and GREAT Staff at Hardy Elementary

A few weeks ago I started a series of blogs where I highlight one of our schools each week.  So far, I've featured Carrsville Elementary, Georgie Tyler Middle and Windsor Elementary.  This week is Hardy's turn.  I recently visited Hardy Elementary and got to speak to the students and teachers, and even a retired teacher who comes back to volunteer.  There is so much positive energy everywhere you turn.  It is contagious! I have a video of my visit and I challenge you to watch it and not smile.  (I don't think you can do it.)    So see for yourself why it's always a GREAT day at Hardy.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Showcasing Our Schools: A Family Atmosphere at Windsor Elementary School

For this week's blog, I visited Windsor Elementary School, home of the Hornets.  I had an awesome time talking to the students and teachers and hearing from them what makes Windsor Elementary such a great school.

I also got to witness an amazing event.  Students from Georgie Tyler Middle School built a Reading Cottage for WES.  They held a special ceremony where they unveiled their final project.  The elementary students were excited to see their incredible new reading place and eager to start using it. Just see for yourself in the video and hear the reaction from the students.

A Family Atmosphere at Windsor Elementary School (Video)

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Showcasing Our Schools: A Visit to our Newest School--Georgie D. Tyler Middle School

Last week I visited Georgie D. Tyler Middle School.  Opening in 2014, GTMS is our newest school, and it is a beautiful building with spacious hallways and lots of natural light. But a school is only as good as its students and staff, which is why Georgie Tyler is GREAT!  As I visited classrooms,  I could see teachers using the instructional framework in their lessons, and I saw engaged students who understood the what and why of their learning.  I had a wonderful time at GTMS.  I've put together a brief video of my trip to the school so you can see for yourself what makes Georgie Tyler so special.

Georgie D. Tyler Middle School (video)