Friday, September 21, 2018

IWCS Convocation: Chants, Cheers and Champions

In August, we held our annual division-wide Convocation.  It's an energetic kick-off to the new year, where we celebrate our successes, reaffirm our mission and vision, and demonstrate our love for what we do.  We also find time to cheer, laugh, and sometimes even cry during the three hours we are together. This year was no different.

We saw lip sync videos from each school as part of the traditional school spirit contest.  The judges had a difficult time deciding on a winner, but Smithfield High emerged victorious and took possession of the coveted "spirit coconut".  We heard a powerful message from Manny Scott, one of the original Freedom Writers, on the importance of building positive relationships with students.  I shared a few remarks with the group and encouraged them to be Champions this year.  In the video you can see and hear the enthusiasm that filled the auditorium that day.  Enjoy!

Dr. Thornton's Convocation Message (video)