Tuesday, February 27, 2018

It's not about Winning, It's about having Fun

Earlier this month I had a chance to watch a Tri-Rivers basketball game hosted at Smithfield High School during their Packer Block.  What a great game!  The players were tenacious as they battled their opponent, playing tough on defense and taking advantage of shot opportunities on offense.  While the competition on the court was intense, the most important part of the game was not the score.  The game was a chance for students to demonstrate all the qualities of being a great citizen. Whether they were on the court in a uniform, or a fan in the bleachers, everyone at the game demonstrated respect and kindness, and the importance of lifting up each other.  This is not unique to SHS.  The same is true at Windsor High when they host a Tri-Rivers game.  When a player makes a basket, the gym erupts with cheers, regardless of which team the player is on.  It is incredible to watch.  I wanted you to experience that same joy, so I have a video from the game at Smithfield High and pictures below from a recent game at Windsor High (thanks to Mr. Jon Smith of WHS for the photos).  And as the student says at the beginning of the video, "It's not about winning, it's about having fun." 

Tri-Rivers Basketball Game (video)