Saturday, January 27, 2018

Making History at Windsor High School

Welcome to my first video blog of the new year!  It was nice to have a week that wasn't interrupted by weather.

On Thursday, I witnessed history at Windsor High School. The Dukes started a wrestling team this year and this week they hosted their first ever home meet.  But the history didn't end there  They also had their first wins by any of the wrestlers and in both cases they pinned their opponents!!!  Congratulations to Steven Smith and Dominic Delahunt!
Students on the young team have demonstrated a tremendous amount of GRIT as they take the mat as rookie wrestlers and go one on one against students from established programs.  They are also demonstrating GRIT and courage as they lay the ground work for the future of wrestling at Windsor High.

From what I saw on Thursday, I think some of these students may have found their unique gift or talent through wrestling.

While I was at the game, I interviewed several people, including the wrestlers, to get their thoughts on the program.  And I captured history as Steven  Smith won the first wrestling match in Windsor High School history.  Congratulations once again to everyone involved in making the wrestling program a reality. 

VIDEO:  Making History at Windsor High School