Friday, March 2, 2018

Long Range Facility Planning for IWCS: Not a Band Aid Fix

The goal for our Long Range Planning Committee is to develop a future plan for growth in our county as well as setting the expectation for our facilities in Isle of Wight County Schools. We have had tremendous feedback from the community through our community meetings and survey. It is very clear that the community believes we should upgrade facilities that are old and outdated--eighty-four percent of those responding listed this as a priority. With that in mind, we will be developing a long range plan to address growth.  This will be a comprehensive plan to address all facility needs in our school division. We have to develop a plan that be more than a Band Aid solution for the problems we are facing. We understand this will have to take place over a number of years and funding will need to be looked at closely. While we research potential financial impacts of new construction and renovations, we will consider existing debt within the county budget and investigate when that debt is paid off to try to limit the impact of any tax increase. I believe that having a transparent process and involving all stakeholders will assist us in developing the best option for our students for years to come.
You can keep up with information on the process through our web page: