Thursday, August 31, 2017

Being Brave, Taking Risks and Following the Yellow Brick Road

As we reach the end of a very busy summer, I wanted to share my comments from our division-wide Convocation with you.   When you play the video, do not adjust your screen.  The person on stage in a tie-dye shirt, orange shorts and rainbow socks is actually me, the Superintendent for Isle of Wight County Schools.  It’s OK.  No need to worry.   The entire Central Office staff and I presented a new production of the Wizard of Oz.  Yours truly played a colorful Munchkin, which I hope explains what I’m wearing.  It was really my costume.  

 The skit focused on the importance of deeper learning and the 5 C: critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, and citizenship.  I’m so proud of my staff for stepping out of their comfort zone and modeling what we expect all staff to do as we slowly move forward with our deeper learning initiative. We want our teachers to feel comfortable to taking risks, being courageous, and being brave as they work with our children.  We all need to serve as models for our children, not only on using the 5 Cs, but on the importance of trying something new, and understanding that it’s OK to fail sometimes.  That’s just part of the learning process.

Our teachers and entire staff have committed their time and effort over the last two years to learn and grow as we all continue to improve the educational experience for our children. Enjoy the video and be on the look-out as we will be posting our version of the Wizard of Oz soon. I look forward to another GREAT year in Isle of Wight County Schools.

Enjoy the Labor Day holiday!

Convocation Remarks  (video)