Friday, April 15, 2016

Art Appreciation

The VSBA Spring Tidewater Regional Art Forum was held April 12, 2016 at Kellam High School in Virginia Beach. Elementary, middle, and high school students from all over Superintendent’s Region 2 submit art work to be judged by local artists.  Region 2 includes twelve divisions, from the eastern shore to Southampton, Williamsburg to Virginia Beach.  The forum is a chance for School Board members and superintendents to network and enjoy an evening of fine arts.  Kellam High School students played music, sang, and had an exposition of learning on display with students standing by their work, explaining the different projects and problems that they have been collaborating on in their classrooms.  Kellam is a project based learning high school.  Virginia Beach is working on this innovative initiative and recently visited High Tech High as well.

The night did not disappoint.  The music was beautiful, the students gave great presentations, and the art was extraordinary.  Not everyone can have the winning entry, but I will say I was very proud of our students. Malina Chevere, an 8th grader at Smithfield Middle School, received a second place ribbon for her artwork, “Perspective.” Blake Vanderburg, Westside Elementary, received a third place ribbon for his entry, “Perspective Drawing with Photographic Imagery.” Sydney Bak of Windsor High entered her beautiful art, “Morgarts Beach,” in the high school category.   I also want to congratulate their teachers who provided guidance for the students as they created their artwork—Beth Gibble (WSES), Kevin Segner (SMS) and Lois West (WHS).  

The art in this competition comes from all the school divisions in our region.  Unlike a sports competition, our students compete against Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Hampton.  While all of us in IWCS know the talent we have in our schools, I’m delighted that other board members and superintendents had a chance to see for themselves on Wednesday night. 

Malina Chevere, Smithfield Middle

Blake Vanderburg, Westside Elementary
Sydney Bak, Windsor High